About Us

Mynor Agapito Cortez Puac is pictured above in 2012 with 3rd year students


The Beca Project is a small, grassroots, nonprofit organization. It has grown from seeds that were planted in August 2009 when Stacey Holeman, a frequent visitor and trip leader to Central America, took part in her 2nd Spanish immersion course at the Cooperativa Spanish School in San Pedro La Laguna, Sololá, Guatemala. While visiting local families with her teacher, Mynor Agapito Cortez Puac (pictured above with students), she learned that children in the community can only continue in school beyond 6th grade if their parents can afford tuition; this has created a devastating cycle of poverty.

After returning home to The Dalles, Oregon, Stacey and her husband Mike discussed the problem and potential solutions and decided to provide a scholarship to cover the cost of tuition, uniforms, and supplies so one student could attend the 6 years of secondary school. They enlisted the help of Mynor and another Cooperativa director, Lorenzo Chavajay, who spoke with grade school personnel, reviewed grades, talked with students and parents, and recommended Andrea as the first sponsored student. From this initial sponsorship the idea quickly spread through a circle of family and friends and within six weeks 12 deserving students had full scholarships.

An emergency food and medical fund was developed and goals were established to continue the support of current students, add new students annually, and contribute to additional social projects in San Pedro. These include vital support for marginalized families, additional support for local schools, and a home construction project established by members of our Advisory Board. Growing interest and support led the group to formalize its mission and seek tax exempt status.

The Beca Project is managed by its directors and advisors on a voluntary basis.

Board of Directors

Stacey Holeman, President
Mike Holeman, Secretary/Treasurer

Board of Advisors

Mynor Agapito Cortez Puac
Josefa Baram Trejo
Isaac Holeman